Saturday, 11 April 2015

Drive More Traffic by Comment Marketing

The objective of comment marketing is to build relationship and familiarity, likeability, trust, recognition, and awareness. There are things to avoid when using comment marketing. Do not use this method for promoting your products, building links, building your profiles, or commenting without adding value with such comments as ‘good post, thank you, nice article.’

For gaining trust and respect, we  recommends to stop using the keywords or the name of your website to comment on other blogs. You are not a high influencer if you are using the words Marketing, SEO, Blogging Tips or other similar words in the name of your profile and in your comments.
If you are inviting people to check your website or your products, they will skip your comments. Rather, use your knowledge on a regular basis in their blogs in order to catch the attention of the readers.

In order to be accurate in your comment, take time to read the previous comments and posts on the blog. We reads usually the past four articles written in their website or blogs for being an influencer. You have also to read the comments from other people in order to be positive and avoid posting similar comments or question.

If you post the links of your blog in discussions and comments, the admin will ban you and mark your discussions as a spam. Use a broken hypertext link to refer to the links of your site. Therefore, use as a reference to your article and ask the owner of the blog the authorization to approve your broken link.

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